About Us

We are guessing you love popcorn, especially flavored popcorn. So do we. Snackblack leadership has nearly three decades of gourmet popcorn manufacturing experience. We are also guessing you care about your health. So do we. With that, Snackblack has worked with Southern California’s finest Naturopathic Doctors, Wholistic Nutritionists, and Food Scientists to bring you a quality product that isn’t bad for you, yet still tastes like the real thing. In regards to ingredients, we started from square one to re-engineer the ingredients used in our products. You won’t find artificial flavoring, genetically modified organisms, or animal products in any of our flavors. If it wasn’t meant to go in your body, you won’t find it under the Snackblack Label. 
Thank You
We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, and with that we would sincerely like to say thank you for stopping in!